Loneliness Can Weaken the Immune System

Loneliness was not only affect the physical but also mental. A study says people who feel lonely have a lower immune system so they are susceptible to complications of the disease.

Compared with people who have better social ties, people are lonely produces more inflammation-related proteins. They also showed signs of herpes virus reactivity. Chronic inflammation has long been known to lead to health complications such as heart defect, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and so on.

According to a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, one lonely level may predict risk of health complications in the future.

Stress alone is known to trigger the re-activation of latent herpes virus. Response facing a lonely person was not much different. Lisa Jaremka, from the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, said that the lonely person who actually feels they are in a bad relationship quality. He conducted a study involving 200 breast cancer survivors aged around 51 years. The participants had breast cancer therapy between two months and three years. Emreka blood samples were taken and analyzed to see the type of herpes virus-fighting antibody that affects many Americans.

The virus does not cause disease in half of infected people. In the body, the virus will sleep for a long time and are only active in certain circumstances. Although not very dangerous, re-activation virus indicates that something is wrong in the body.

The study results showed that lonely people have herpes virus antibody levels were fighting, as well as the level of anxiety, stress, and depression. In this research loneliness levels were measured using a recognized scale. In other test with the same group it showed that lonely people have a level of proteins associated with inflammation higher.

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