Some Ways to Appreciate yourself

How much do you respect yourself? If you do not respect yourself so take a minute and do something good for yourself.

1. Provide time.
Make time for yourself can make your mind refreshed. If you can provide five minutes just to close your eyes and focus your mind will be able to help you to feel better again. But it would be even better if you can provide enough time to focus your mind on yourself and what you need to do.

2. Do something good for the body.
Not an easy thing to ignore the pain felt by the body and forgets to take care of them. You can try soaking hot water mixed with salt water or have someone hug you.

3. Make yourself comfortable.
You can make yourself feel comfortable, such as by phoning your friends or drinking hot tea, sleeping with pillows and blankets are comfortable, journal writing, eating something you like, smell the aromatherapy oil.

4. Go to another world.
You can go to another world by reading books, watching movies, or let the mind flow to wherever he went.

5. Doing something silly.
Doing something stupid will bring out the soul of a child who is in your personality and can give feelings of happiness.

6. Leave a day.
Do you feel bored with their daily work? So take a day off and do whatever you want to do in a full day.

7. The roads in the middle of the open nature.
Sometimes we often forget to pay attention to the world that unfolds around us. By observing nature will be able to make us feel much better.

8. Doing something you’ve always wanted to do.
Do something that has long wanted to do.For me because i did not get my matric it was getting my GED. Do not postpone it again. By doing something you want to do immediately, it can make you feel better.

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